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File Publisher

​File Publisher processes the EDI 301 document as follows:

  • File Publisher retrieves the EDI 301 document from the SFTP directory.

  • File Publisher splits transaction sets from envelopes containing multiple transactions sets into their own individual files and places them in an inbound file queue for processing.

  • File Publisher extracts metadata from the message and records the metadata in a database to track routing.


File Publisher analyzes characteristics of the message to determine the routing validation logic that should be applied. Based on the message type, File Publisher will assign and evaluate routing business logic to determine if the message is ready for processing.

  • File Publisher uses routing validation logic to verify that the N4 Terminal Operating System is ready to receive the message.

  • File Publisher routes EDI 301 documents to the Routing Message Stream Queue where the EDI 301 Message Handler will detect messages ready for processing.

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