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PSI Products

Port Solution Integrators offers a thorough understanding of the disparate technologies used to operate a port. Our team of engineers is able to design and implement software and hardware solutions that tie these pieces together to increase efficiency and solve complex business problems.


The Reader is a compact device featuring a contactless TWIC card reader and an LCD screen. The device is powered over ethernet, making it easy to install in almost any location. The Reader is one of the easiest ways to setup a terminal operating system checkpoint.


The kiosk offers the ability for remote control of an entry gate system. A kiosk allows truck drivers and terminal workers to interface directly with the Terminal Operating System by simply scanning their TWIC cards. A kiosk can be configured with various accessories and levels of authentication including: RFID card reading, Fingerprint verification, and keypad entry in order to increase terminal security.

Container Number Recognition

PSI's vision systems provide the ability to easily identify and log the identification numbers of intermodal shipping containers. These vision systems produce exceptionally clear imagery in both day and night conditions, and accurate optical character recognition (OCR) results of container numbers.


The Communicator Access Point features a TWIC card reader, an informational display, and a two way voice intercom. This access point can automate typical transactions while allowing truck drivers to communicate with terminal workers for more complex cases.


The BioAccess provides biometric signin capabilities to be incorporated with a log-in system. BioAccess securely protects access to machines and ensures driver productivity.

PSI works with your business to create applications and services that increase speed, safety, and data integrity on your terminal.

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