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Railway Tracks

EDI Services

We work to increase effectiveness of communication while decreasing operating expenses, to increase customer visibility into CFS activities and cargo shipments, to improve rail shipment visibility, and to increase effectiveness of business development via extraction of commercial data from EDI system.​


File Publisher is responsible for detecting messages uploaded to the SFTP server, inbound messages staging, and applying routing business logic.

Message manipulation normalizes inbound messages to reduce the number of required custom message maps in the TOS. It also helps reduce TOS EDI errors and supports non-TOS related EDI functionality. This also allows the addition and removal of data to outbound messages to support customer requirements. ​

Messages exchanged between parties during message sequences that are used to plan and execute rail shipments.

EDI Monitor

EDI Monitor is a web app the customer can use for browsing messages in EDI message streams

Routing Control

From the Routing Queue, the preprocesser will apply enrichment logic and routing business rules based on the content of the message.

File Types

  • Customs Manifests and Releases 

  • Fleet Files 

  • EDI 301 

  • EDI 322 

  • EDI 856 

  • UIIA 

  • SAP Invoice and Credit Interface 

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