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EDITRANSFORM – TOS Message Handling


Each message type has a message handler that monitors it’s a message queue. Based on trading partners, TOS requirements, and message mapping capabilities, the message handler will perform one or many of the following actions:

  • Add or remove content to support TOS mapping requirements

  • Reorder content to support TOS mapping requirements

  • Transform values that are not supported by TOS EDI Filters (ex Product Code)

  • Translate the message type to the format expected by N4 (ex SNX, Manifest XML)

  • Move the result to the N4 EDI mailbox

When a sequencing issue occurs for any stream that is configured for requiring sequencing, FilePublisher will send alerts to the configured list of emails and present as below:



Note the red Customs title, the red “light”, and the SEQ button.


Sequencing issues come in one of two flavors, usually:

  • Missing a message (sequence gap)

  • Repeated messages (Duplicates Detected)


Clicking the SEQ button will present this dialog:










This message box tells us a few things:

  • Duplicate messages were detected (alternately, a Sequence Gap was detected)

  • The last ISA Control Number that was properly sequenced, in this case 80720  (X12 numbers are 9 digit, CAMIR are 5. 

  • The range of the error.  In the case of the duplicates, there were two. 

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